Monthly Archives: March 2016

Why Woodpeckers Don’t Get Headaches

This article is a few years old but very informative. Especially the discussion about how the length and shape of woodpecker tongues differ depending on diet. Flickers have the longest tongues which are sticky and help them grab their favorite … Continue reading

03-11 Sweetwater Wetlands Closed for Annual Burn

Every year Tucson Water partners with the Tucson Fire Department to conduct a controlled burn of the Wetlands. Half of the park is burned in an effort to keep the cattails from overtaking the ponds, opening precious habitat for the … Continue reading


Guía de Aves – Spanish Bird Guide

Exciting new website from National Audubon Society – an online bird guide in Spanish! Not only is this an easy to use reference for those who speak Spanish but it provides extra information for bird nerds (like myself). My favorite … Continue reading