Guía de Aves – Spanish Bird Guide

Exciting new website from National Audubon Society – an online bird guide in Spanish! Not only is this an easy to use reference for those who speak Spanish but it provides extra information for bird nerds (like myself).

My favorite example is one of the Southwest’s most curious and iconic, the Greater Roadrunner (Spanish name – Correcaminos norteño)Named for running roads in both languages…which of course begs the question, what was it called before there were roads?

The best part of the new site? You can search for a bird using either the English, Latin or Spanish name. Very cool!

Since we’re talking about Roadrunners, Tucson Audubon Society’s next Living With Nature program in Tucson will feature Doris Evans’ experience photographing and filming a Roadrunner family in her yard. I plan to attend for two reasons, she lives near me so the information will be especially pertinent but also because the photos I’ve seen thus far are captivating. The event is free and open to the public.


Greater Roadrunner, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, March 22, 2014

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