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Sweetwater Joins the Modern Age

Tucson Water now has a Facebook page for Sweetwater Wetlands. While they don’t update it every day I still suggest Liking the page so you can stay up to date. For instance, Tucson Water is partnering with Tucson Audubon Society … Continue reading

Help Merlin with Birding ID

Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Macauley Library has launched MerlinVision, a program that will be able to identify birds in photos. Of course, MerlinVision needs a lot of training and you can help. If you already have an eBird account just … Continue reading

Birding Challenges…

There are all kinds of techniques to locate and identify birds. In addition to size, plumage,  and coloring it can be beneficial to learn the habits, songs, and feeding techniques of the most common birds in an area. Unfortunately, the … Continue reading

Inviting Birds to Your Yard

There are numerous ways to make your yard bird friendly. Beyond the obvious (such as putting out bird food and water) is growing native plants that provide shelter and/or food. Even less obvious is supplying good nesting material. This article … Continue reading

Piper by Pixar

Great write-up by Audubon about the new animated short featuring Piper, a young Sanderling. This short will precede the new Disney movie, Finding Dory. I am suitably impressed by the creative team’s efforts to stay true to life. Shore birds … Continue reading

Easy Guide to Flycatcher ID

A big thanks to Rich Ditch for putting together this very helpful guide! Good for a rueful chuckle, it does feel this difficult sometimes when trying to identify these quick moving birds. Join me at the Wetlands this Friday at … Continue reading

Helping Hummers

An informative article from Audubon on how to attract hummingbirds to your yard. They need more than just a feeder – they also need plenty of bugs and spider webs (the latter are vitally important if they are nesting). I … Continue reading

Why Woodpeckers Don’t Get Headaches

This article is a few years old but very informative. Especially the discussion about how the length and shape of woodpecker tongues differ depending on diet. Flickers have the longest tongues which are sticky and help them grab their favorite … Continue reading

03-11 Sweetwater Wetlands Closed for Annual Burn

Every year Tucson Water partners with the Tucson Fire Department to conduct a controlled burn of the Wetlands. Half of the park is burned in an effort to keep the cattails from overtaking the ponds, opening precious habitat for the … Continue reading


Guía de Aves – Spanish Bird Guide

Exciting new website from National Audubon Society – an online bird guide in Spanish! Not only is this an easy to use reference for those who speak Spanish but it provides extra information for bird nerds (like myself). My favorite … Continue reading