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November Cleanup Crew

As you can see we like to work with young volunteers – train them up right! Actually, all the credit goes to her parents – little River already loves to pick up litter and put it in the trash can. … Continue reading

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It’s That Time of Year

While out picking up trash at the Wetlands yesterday came across this: Not going to mess with that! We’ll grab that plastic bag from the bush next time…

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Babies at the Wetlands

On the morning of the 18th we dropped in at the Wetlands for a stroll before the day heated up. Other than a passel of lizards things were pretty quiet. We were attracted to one of the recharge basins by … Continue reading

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Active Wildlife at the Wetlands

There’s all kinds of activity at the Wetlands these days: from nesting birds to feeding rats to mating lizards to hunting snakes. There’s plenty to see. We tend to swing by in the late afternoon when it’s a bit cooler … Continue reading

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Let Migration Begin…

The season is upon us. Though it may be too hot to imagine Fall down here migrant birds are already swooping through Tucson on their way south for the winter. Lucky for us the Wetlands are a pleasant stopover point … Continue reading

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Come Explore with Us

I will admit the warm summer weather has prevented us from spending as much time as we would like at the Wetlands recently. Thankfully it was tolerable enough after last month’s cleanup for us to do a short loop around … Continue reading

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Breezy Birding

We braved the wind yesterday and met our friends Nancy and Denny at the Wetlands for some catching up and birding. Though the dancing leaves made it challenging, we ended up with almost 40 species. Our highlights: Peregrine Falcon, Summer … Continue reading

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Spring has Sprung

We aren’t the only ones enjoying this warm February weather – our feathered friends are out in force at Sweetwater Wetlands. The willows are already budding out and there was a flurry of courting and nest-building activity. Be sure to … Continue reading

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An Unpleasant Discovery

June’s cleanup was going really well until we turned the last corner. On the ground near one of the new and larger power lines was a dead Great Blue Heron. At first we chalked it up to the cycle of … Continue reading

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Our Beat Back Buffelgrass Day was a Rousing Success!

A huge thank you to all the hardworking and dedicated individuals who woke up early on a cool Saturday morning to help eradicate that dastardly weed! In all we had 22 volunteers who pitched in and filled 79 very large … Continue reading

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